Lots of postnatal Mums are told they’re overweight as their BMI is over 25. This is no surprise as their breasts are usually much larger than usual, and this alone can change your BMI reading, pushing them into the overweight category. Also lots of Mums can feel a little low during the early stages of motherhood……….your world has become soooo different, that I’m guessing being told ‘you need to lose weight’ doesn’t really help matters! Funnily enough I’ve been doing health MOT’s on GP’s recently and we had discussions around why doing a Health MOT would be so much more insightful than simply weight & BMI

If you read the following it should make you very aware why Weight & BMI alone are not important.

‘As some of you maybe aware I recently had an operation which resulted in me not being able to exercise for just over 8 weeks. To see what impact this had on my body I used a machine called Boditrax to measure my stats before my operation and then again after 8 weeks.

Firstly, to illistrate how accurate this machine is I have included an image of where fat is stored in my body. You’ll notice there’s more fat on my left leg, which makes sense as I broke my leg in 2016 and I also have less fat on my left arm. Again, this makes sense as I play squash 2-3 times a week and I’m left handed (just wanted you to understand how accurate this machine is)

If I had ONLY used a set of scales after the 8 week period, I would have been happy with my result and may have almost reached the conclusion that I wasn’t getting any benefit from exercise as I lost approx 2lbs and lowered my BMI by 0.6!

However, what scales would not have highlighted is the fact I INCREASED by body fat my 2% and DECREASED my bone mass by 0.2kg & MUSCLE MASS by 2.5kg!

Hopefully we’re all aware that muscle weighs more than fat. So with this in mind, the fact that I lost nearly FIVE POUNDS OF MUSCLE is the reason why I lost weight on the scales.

Therefore If you’re on a weight loss journey I would strongly recommend you do not base your results on weight alone. I understand that you may not have access to a machine such as Boditrax, but in addition to weighing yourself please use other methods such as body measurements, feedback from friends, fitness tests, how your clothes fit…..and most importanly how you feel!