What BootyFitters do when something’s cancelled!

Two weekends ago the London winter 10k was cancelled due to extreme weather conditions.

Must have been such a hard decision as 25,000 people were set to run….including 55 BootyFitters.

So many BootyFitters had steppped out of their comfort zone by entering.
Trained hard
Push their boundaries
Believed in themselves

We wanted to take them for their 10k anyway but we were set to be away for the next few weekends.

Now, this is what BootyFit is about! 🔽👇

Two of our Instructors stepped in so Bootyfitters weren’t disappointed….even in spite of storm Dennis!

They turned up last Saturday monring….kitted out in their Winter Run outfits, numbers pinned and ran their 10km!

Someone even held the finishing tape and everyone waited for one another to cheer them in.

Seeing these photos makes us feel so proud of every single BootyFitter.

Well done ladies…..YOU ROCK!