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Never to busy to look after your health

Raj and her husband have 6 children and she has 3 jobs and when I asked her if she’d dieted before she replied ‘I’ve tried every diet out there’ Although life is BUSY, she manages to exercise regularly by having weekly PT, Body Pump and spinning...

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Fast Food, Lazy Feet!

I went out for a Sunday morning run now that the snow has gone. There are two McDonalds within a mile of where I live in Watford. When I ran past this one today this was the QUEUE! I ran past the checkout and all the counters were empty…….the queue was so...

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I have a healthy diet so why can’t I lose weight?

Lots of people I work with tell me they have a healthy diet and move their body. If this is the case it HAS to be down to portion size! I often talk about how big things have got (and I love it, as I am definitely one to eat with their eyes!) Who remembers...

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Chocolate for breakfast!!!!

It’s literally impossible to totally cut sugar from your diet. REDUCING sugar content is advised. Here’s my HEALTHY breakfast this morning……..and it has CHOCOLATE in it. Super quick and filling too! If you’d like the recipe let me know...

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Dream Team

What do they say ‘Teamwork makes the dreamwork’ Results are in for our first week of the BootyFit 21 Day Online Challenge…….AND….as a combined TEAM effort the girls have lost 108.4lbs IN SEVEN DAYS!!!!!! THIS is WHY our programme works....

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Speedy Metabolism

If you want to lose weight and KEEP IT OFF the best way is to speed up your metabolism. This is something that lots of convential DIETS may not mention, as one sure way to do this is by……..wait for it…….MOVING YOUR BODY! If you speed up your...

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Shopping for NEW trainers

I hate shopping……..except for TRAINERS!!!!! Just bought a new pair of runners. Anyone that knows me will know I couldn’t give a hoot what I wear to exercise in………I’m not into following the latest fashion of what to wear when...

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