Kate got to the stage where she was FED UP OF BEING FED UP and knew she had to make some changes, as she’d got into the rut of getting home from work and sitting on couch scrolling through her phone, while the rest of her family were exercising and being active.

She was fed up with her stomach and not being able to fit in her clothes.

However, not knowing much about BootyFit she was apprehensive about joining a BootyFit 21 Day Online programme as she didn’t really know what she was signing up for.
Was it going to be weird, boring food? Unrealistic portions? Would there be odd food replacements? She had NO idea what to expect…..she just knew she wanted to make changes. It wasn’t just about weight loss….but about being healthier and feeling good…..age starts to creep up on us all!

I spoke to her yesterday as she is at day 10 of her challenge to see how she’s getting on.

She’s LOVING it! She’s amazed that she’s exercised EVERY DAY, (I’m amazed as when she first joined she told me she was a couch potato) really likes the food as it’s not at all restrictive and thinks it’s the accountability that’s keeping her on track. The fact that it’s online means there’s someone checking in with you all the time.

In the FIRST WEEK she lost 6lbs and now feels that this is the start of something longer term that will make leading a healthier lifestyle SUSTAINABLE as she’s finally kickstarted her new lifestyle.

Great work Kate