Lots of people I work with tell me they have a healthy diet and move their body. If this is the case it HAS to be down to portion size!

I often talk about how big things have got (and I love it, as I am definitely one to eat with their eyes!)

Who remembers ‘wagon wheels?’ they used to be huge!!!!

You’d never buy a bar of chocloate with TWO bars inside……who would have the willpower to leave the ‘other’ bar for another day (not me)

If someone had offered me a ‘bottomless drink’ a few years back I would have wandered what they were talking about.

Remember, the good way to get portion sizes under control is to buy a ‘portion plate’ OR remove 30% of your dinner to a seperate plate and if 20 minutes after finishing the first lot you’re still hungry, go back and get the second portion.

Remember it’s the SMALL changes that can make a massive difference