Interview with Aislinn

Feel Good Package

I’d like to come along but I know my baby/toddler won’t settle?

Mums are often proved wrong on this one as there’s no way to tell until you actually come along to a session. Babies/toddlers can be slightly unsettled for their first couple of sessions, this isn’t surprising as it may be the first time you’ve actually done something for you. Understandably it may take them some time to get used to it. However, we’ve found it’s very rare for them not to get used to it. The sessions are really relaxed, you do what works for both of you. You can dip in & out of the exercise and they can stay in their buggy or come out. Older ones tend to join in or run around with other toddlers. One of the lovely things, is the fact that they are out in the fresh air and potentially getting some exercise too. Lots of our younger ones mimic and encourage their Mums to do the exercises when they’re at home. Wouldn’t you agree if they are exposed to exercise at an early age there’s greater chance of them growing up to be fit and healthy themselves.

I couldn’t bring my baby out in the cold

There are only a few weeks of the year where it can be cold, and even then babies seem totally oblivious as they’re in the buggy wrapped up in layers and blankets. In our experience we tend to find what Mums actually mean is THEY don’t want to come out in the cold. Getting out the door will be the hardest part, as once you start exercising the Trainer will make sure you’re kept moving and warm. We tried holding the sessions indoors some years ago, although found that if one baby cried they all seemed to (something to appears to happen being in an enclosed space), and also every piece of research confirms outdoor exercise has many more benefits than exercising indoors. One of the main benefits we find is it can help with mental health and postnatal depression.

I was looking to come along and pay each time I turn up

Lots of people say things such as ‘I know I should exercise, I need to as I am so unfit, but I tend to find any excuse not to’ As soon as we stopped our pay as you go option, so did the excuses. We know our membership is very affordable, but even so, as people had paid they’d make much more effort to come along. This way they got to know other members which made the sessions more enjoyable for them and in turn they achieved their goals and at BootyFit that’s what we’re about……females achieving their goals and feeling more confident.

I’d love to come along although I don’t have a baby

That is no problem! About half of our members either have older children that are at school when they come along or they don’t have children at all. All females are welcome, we just attract Mums with babies as we offer postnatal alternative exercises and most other exercise classes don’t allow babies which means Mums have to pay for a creche too.

I never stick to exercise, so I’m not sure how you’re going to be any different

We are really different! We want our members to achieve their goals, although having fun and working at a pace that is realistic to you is far more important…’s just our job to gently encourage you to work harder as we see you improve! To make sure the sessions are fun, every session is different and we usually exercise through playing games and our members tell us it doesn’t feel like exercise! Also gyms often attract all different types of people, whereas at BootyFit you’re going to be exercising with like-minded women that you’ll have lots in common with. When you make friends the exercise then becomes enjoyable as opposed to a chore.

Results Guaranteed Package

I don’t think it would work for me as I need to actually see someone so they can keep me accountable, it’d be too easy to cheat if it’s online

The Universal package is not an automated online programme (unlike many other online programmes out there) BootyFit Trainers interact with you on a daily basis. We keep you accountable, as we ask to upload your stats, photos (so long as you’re happy to do this) & fitness test results on a weekly basis. You also upload your food plans and we have your back 24/7 throughout the programme, it’s literally like having your very own PT for a fraction of the price! I know as I was a Personal Trainer for years, but found we had far better results through this way of working with clients, as they are never left on their own. Also you become part of an online community with other females just like you completing the challenge. This is the reason why you join on a specific date so you can complete the journey with the support of others too.

I’ve been a yo-yo dieter all my life. I lose the weight, but it just creeps back on when I stop the diet. How is this going to be any different?

This is not a diet. It’s about educating and reminding you of how we should be eating, as it can be easy to get into a rut of eating too much sugar….and what this leads to is eating more sugar! The Universal package is about eating at regularly intervals, not skipping meals (in an attempt to burn calories) & eating a balanced, wholesome variety of foods. We compliment the food plan with 10-15 minute workouts, which increase the metabolism, resulting it in being harder to pile on the weight afterward. This is something lots of diets don’t seem to encourage.

It all sounds great, but I’m such a fussy eater I know it wouldn’t work for me

We upload new food plans every week so there will be plenty of choice. We don’t dictate what you eat, but upload lots of recipes for you to choose from, alongside a blank food planner to populate.
Also, the BootyFit Trainers are in contact with you on a daily basis, so if there are certain ingredients you don’t like we can offer replacements. On every challenge we have people that tell us they are fussy eaters but easily work around this and guarantee we’ll provide a food plan for you that you will enjoy.

I’d like to join although I’ve already planned social engagements for the next month so will it be best if I join at a later date?

There’s never a perfect time. I’d imagine in most months you have social engagements & night outs planned…..this is called life! There never seems to be the perfect time to start, we can always think of reasons why we shouldn’t! I’m a firm believer in ‘striking while the iron’s hot’ and if you have meals out etc planned, you are welcome to upload the menus and one of the BootyFit Trainers will make recommendations on the best options. People are often away on holiday but still join to work on the damage limitation principle, making it easier to get back on track on their return.

I don’t want to lose much weight, it’s more about toning up and having more energy.

We send you daily workout videos that work on toning the tummy, tops of the legs, bum and the back (the area above the bra strap) so this will definitely help if toning is more your thing. Also as the food plan is not based on calorie restriction but around stabilising blood sugar levels you’ll definitely have increased energy levels.

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