Interview with Aislinn

Running Group Watford / Bushey

What distance do you cover and what abilities are the group suitable for?

The group is suitable for ALL abilities from complete beginner through to marathon runners and triathletes. Each route is approx. 5km and to begin with you are welcome to walk the majority, it’s just our job to get you to a place where running non-stop becomes easy….honestly it does happen. We have one instructor at the front of the group and one at the back so everyone works to their own ability in between the two. At various intervals the front instructor will get the front runners to loop to the back instructor. This results in everyone leaving together, finishing together but all covering different distances, anywhere between 5 – 9km, hence the reason why we welcome all abilities.

What routes do you run?

We leave from either The Dome roundabout in Garston or Bushey Sports Club Car Park and have over 30 different routes we run and we continually add to these, as both your body and mind plateau if nothing changes and our objective is to get everyone to a place where they fall in love with running.

I won’t know anyone there?

The majority of people come alone, so we all understand the nerves you may feel on your first visit, it’s natural when doing something new. Remember the saying ‘a stranger is a friend that you haven’t met’ and we certainly create an atmosphere where everyone gets talking, encourages and supports one another. One of the reasons we set up BootyFit was because we felt disillusioned after working in private health clubs for numerous years and the clickey vibe that can be created…..with BootyFit is about creating a community of women that all feel welcome….wearing the latest running gear is far from essential! We also have a members group online where we organise lots of social events, as if you make friends it makes the accountability of coming along and progressing even easier.

I want to join a running group but I’m scared about holding everyone up?

Hopefully you’ve read about the loop system, which means no-one gets left behind. We also rely on people being different abilities, as if there wasn’t anyone at the back there wouldn’t anywhere to loop back to. The faster runners are grateful for having slower people come along as it makes them work harder, which in turn helps their fitness and confidence.

I literally cant run for a bus, would you say the group is still for me?

Definitely! Some ladies literally walk the whole circuit to begin with. It’s just our job as run Trainers to gently encourage you to jog as your fitness and confidence improve.

I used to love running but since I stopped I just cant find my motivation, what can you recommend?

It usually just takes that ‘first’ run to get back in the groove. Everybody also needs accountability so when you join our group if we haven’t seen you for a week or two we check in with you. Also I think it’s safe to say the majority of our members aren’t as motivated to go our running on their own. It’s the motivation, support, encouragement and friendship of running with a group that makes it so much easier to get back to running.

Results Guaranteed Package

I don’t think it would work for me as I need to actually see someone so they can keep me accountable, it’d be too easy to cheat if it’s online

The Universal package is not an automated online programme (unlike many other online programmes out there) BootyFit Trainers interact with you on a daily basis. We keep you accountable, as we ask to upload your stats, photos (so long as you’re happy to do this) & fitness test results on a weekly basis. You also upload your food plans and we have your back 24/7 throughout the programme, it’s literally like having your very own PT for a fraction of the price! I know as I was a Personal Trainer for years, but found we had far better results through this way of working with clients, as they are never left on their own. Also you become part of an online community with other females just like you completing the challenge. This is the reason why you join on a specific date so you can complete the journey with the support of others too.

I’ve been a yo-yo dieter all my life. I lose the weight, but it just creeps back on when I stop the diet. How is this going to be any different?

This is not a diet. It’s about educating and reminding you of how we should be eating, as it can be easy to get into a rut of eating too much sugar….and what this leads to is eating more sugar! The Universal package is about eating at regularly intervals, not skipping meals (in an attempt to burn calories) & eating a balanced, wholesome variety of foods. We compliment the food plan with 10-15 minute workouts, which increase the metabolism, resulting it in being harder to pile on the weight afterward. This is something lots of diets don’t seem to encourage.

It all sounds great, but I’m such a fussy eater I know it wouldn’t work for me

We upload new food plans every week so there will be plenty of choice. We don’t dictate what you eat, but upload lots of recipes for you to choose from, alongside a blank food planner to populate.
Also, the BootyFit Trainers are in contact with you on a daily basis, so if there are certain ingredients you don’t like we can offer replacements. On every challenge we have people that tell us they are fussy eaters but easily work around this and guarantee we’ll provide a food plan for you that you will enjoy.

I’d like to join although I’ve already planned social engagements for the next month so will it be best if I join at a later date?

There’s never a perfect time. I’d imagine in most months you have social engagements & night outs planned…..this is called life! There never seems to be the perfect time to start, we can always think of reasons why we shouldn’t! I’m a firm believer in ‘striking while the iron’s hot’ and if you have meals out etc planned, you are welcome to upload the menus and one of the BootyFit Trainers will make recommendations on the best options. People are often away on holiday but still join to work on the damage limitation principle, making it easier to get back on track on their return.

I don’t want to lose much weight, it’s more about toning up and having more energy.

We send you daily workout videos that work on toning the tummy, tops of the legs, bum and the back (the area above the bra strap) so this will definitely help if toning is more your thing. Also as the food plan is not based on calorie restriction but around stabilising blood sugar levels you’ll definitely have increased energy levels.

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