Meet The Team


Aislinn has worked in fitness all her life. She set up BootyFit as she’s passionate about people feeling better about themselves, although found people that may most benefit from exercise, often felt too nervous or self conscious or attend. So BootyFit was created to offer an atmosphere where every female was welcome……fitness level, size and what you wear is not important. Being made to feel welcome and having fun is top of the agenda!


Shelley is the organiser. There’s a general feeling that fitness instructors aren’t the most organised of people, so Shelley makes sure everything in BootyFit runs smoothly on a daily basis. She looks after accounts, admin and anything else that needs a focussed eye. While she may not deliver any BootyFit sessions, she a passion for exercise, especially running and weights.


Nigel understands what pressures BootyFit Mums may be under as he’s a stay at home Dad. Aswell as organising the house, cooking dinners, doing the school runs, he’s the chair of his 2 son’s PTA and has his own PT business. Think he may relate when you tell him you’re sleep deprived!!!!!!


Carol is a qualified instructor and a former BootyFit member, so she totally understands what challenges you may be going through with wanting to exercise, but also juggling that with having a baby!


Maria is a qualified PT with her own base of clients. She’s passionate about exercise, especially yoga! She has grown up children…….and the word on the street is she’s far better than Aislinn at holding the babies at BootyFit. Recently she was seen holding three babies while their Mums exercised…..looks like all the weight lifting is paying off!


Mags used to be a BootyFit member & is mad about fitness! She was often known to go for a 8km run with 2 toddlers in a double buggy…..and that was just her way of getting to a BootyFit session. (Always made me feel so unfit) She’s also a PT and covers at various BootyFit sessions.


Todd is a full time Personal Trainer with a passion for running. He regularly covers BootyFit sessions and takes the running session every Thursday evening in Stevenage. He has the same ethos as all BootyFit instructors….everyone is encouraged to work at their own pace.


Olwen Used to be a BootyFit member so knows exactly how it feels to come along to your first session when you may not know anyone else! Luckily she was made to feel welcome and enjoyed it so much, she’s recently trained to become a PT and currently helps out at the Saturday morning BootyFit session in Stevenage.

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