Meet The Team

Aislinn – Owner/Instructor

Aislinn has worked in fitness all her life. She set up BootyFit as she’s passionate about people feeling better about themselves, although found people that may most benefit from exercise, often felt too nervous or self conscious or attend. So BootyFit was created to offer an atmosphere where every female was welcome……fitness level, size and what you wear is not important. Being made to feel welcome and having fun is top of the agenda!

Shelley – Owner/Instructor

How can we put it mildly…..Shelley is crazy about exercise!!! She’s always enjoyed exercise, although became very focussed after gaining 5 stone during pregnancy. She totally understands the concept of eating for two (celebrations were her pregnancy craving) so now exercise is part of her daily life. She loves weights, makes press-ups look easy and knows how to throw a punch on the pads. Although her ultimate favourite is running as she loves the feeling of freedom and appreciating what her body can do. Shelley is one of the regular running trainers but she’s also the ‘organiser’ at BootyFit. From spreadsheets to the social calendar, she’s your girl. As she loves cooking and studying nutrition she looks after all of the food content with our online programmes.

Lynsey – Instructor

Well, they say it runs in the family! Meet our recently qualified BootyFit instructor, Lynsey who is Shelley’s sister and also a fan of exercise. Lynsey started running ten years ago when she hit a low following a prior relationship split. She wanted to build herself up again and after a number of years of gym memberships which she could never quite gel with, one day she decided to put on her iPod and go out for a little walk/jog for the first time. Ten years later she’s never looked back and today maintains a healthy running distance of around 15-20 miles a week. Running is Lynsey’s passion and something she describes as “the best medicine of all” which she relates to more in recent times where one of life’s blows tried to take her “off her running track”. After some BootyFit encouragement to get her back on track again, it has proved to her just how powerful and healing running is and it has increased her love of running so much that she’s now a running instructor. Lynsey is also a real people person and gains great pleasure in motivating others to meet their fitness goals and seeing them happy.

Mags – Instructor

I’ve always exercised and my favourite way to do this is definitely with team sports for the camaraderie, team spirit and social community that you have pleasure of becoming part of.
I started playing Camogie (don’t worry, you may not be the first person that’s never heard of it!!) from the age of 4, but retired once I started a family. In honesty, I could never find an activity to replace this until I joined BootyFit.
All ladies that come along are fantastic and everyone has joined for their own reasons (and there are so many reasons from marathon training, help with depression, anxiety, weight loss, meeting other like-minded ladies in the area, social….and the list could go on)
We’re a growing community running group and it’s a pleasure to see the wonderful transformation of confidence and determination of these ladies.
As I’m always happy to promote busy ladies to strive for that happy, healthy life balance and all important ME time when opportunity arose to become an Bootyfit instructor I gripped it with both hands and haven’t looked back.
Hope to see you at a session soon

Donna – Instructor

I’ve always been a bit hit and miss when it comes to exercise, I would go through phases of exercising daily followed by months of doing nothing. I had tried running in the past but always felt like I wasn’t a runner and could never progress.

I signed up to bootyfit back in October 2018 and never looked back! I run/walked my first session and then went home and signed up for Brighton Marathon for April 2019. A big task to train for but the motivation I needed to get myself fit!

Since joining bootyfit my running has progressed massively, I successfully completed the April 2019 Brighton Marathon and now run 3-5 times a week regularly. I am fitter and happier than I have ever been and this has extended into all aspects of my life.

The reason I decided to train as an instructor for Bootyfit was to inspire other women to get out there and get fit, to do something the enjoy and to be part of an amazing group of women.

I am so proud to be part of the Bootyfit team and of how far they have come in such a short space of time.

If anyone is struggling to find focus or the confidence to get out there to walk/jog or run, then my advice would be to get signed up for a session and I promise you will never look back!

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