Raj and her husband have 6 children and she has 3 jobs and when I asked her if she’d dieted before she replied

‘I’ve tried every diet out there’

Although life is BUSY, she manages to exercise regularly by having weekly PT, Body Pump and spinning classes……although needed to sort out the food side as was feeling frumpy next to her husband and wanted to look better when she saw herself!

She works in Mental Health with Dementia patients & was mindful of the fact we need to take care of our health and wellbeing NOW to protect us later in life.

She was wary of how she was going to control her sugar cravings but has found the group moral excellent for this as everyone is there to pick you up if you’re having a bad day.

As she’s limited with time for cooking she’s really happy that the family are getting into it aswell and are finding the meals DELICIOUS!

Having lost 5lbs in the first week I asked why she’s finding this challenge working for her as opposed to previous diets and she said ‘I love the group interaction, and it helps to understand that I’m not the only one suffering, irrelevant of body size, every women in the group is going through the same struggles’

Keep up the good work Raj