Why NOT to stop exercising through the winter

Clocks go back 🕰️
Days are shorter
Nights are longer
Time to hibernate like a little 🐿️🐿️squirrel
Cosied up at home
snacking on…….just about everything in sight! 🍕🥡🥤
Watching X Factor
Box-sets 📺
Lamps on feeling cosy
Christmas is looming 🎄🎄
I’ll make it a resolution to ‘get fit’
No point now
Too many parties coming up
Definitely January

NO NO NO NO NO please don’t do this!
and here’s why!

✔️If you STOP exercising it’s harder to find the motivation of why you started in the first place…..do you want that?
✔️If you STOP exercising over the winter months (when it’s proven we tend to eat more) you will pile on the pounds.
✔️If you STOP exercising will you get out of the routine and undo your effort so far
✔️If you STOP exercising over the winter there’s a good chance your mood & mental health will plummet.
✔️Also…..it may feel cold to walk to the shops but it’s
NEVER too cold to run……..your temperature warms
you up within 30 seconds of starting

Don’t let winter beat you!

REMIND yourself HOW GOOD you feel when you exercise

The sense of achievement

What’s more exercising outside in winter is proven to help you BURN MORE CALORIES then exercising indoors and it’s far better for your MENTAL HEALTH

If you need help getting in the winter zone you’re more than welcome to join BootyFit fir a run, jog, walk