We're a running group where no-one gets left behind, your fitness level doesn’t matter and chatting and getting to know others is just as important as the running! We even have lots of social occasions....life is about balance afterall

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Running Group Watford / Bushey

You want to join a running group but maybe worried about being left at the back…….we know as all of our members tell us this is how they felt before they joined us.

Whether you’re wanting to learn how to run to complete your first ever 5k, 10k right through to a marathon we can help.

Alternatively, you may currently run but want to join a group to keep you accountable…..we all know how hard it can be just to get out the front door!

It’s also a great way to make new friends in the area, as in addition to the running we organise regular nights out and events for everyone to join


Results Guaranteed Package

(lose 9-14lbs in your first 21 days or your money back)

Life is busy & your struggling to shift the pounds, you feel fed up standing in front of the wardrobe not knowing what to wear.

You want to lose weight, have more energy and feel good about yourself, although may not be able to get to BootyFit sessions.

You want a result guaranteed and to put a stop to the yo-yo dieting. You want to combine exercise with nutrition.


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What a lovely text to receive!

THANK YOU. At BootyFit we genuinely feel so grateful to have such lovely members And THANK YOU to all of our brilliant volunteers and instructors, who all make such a contribution in helping BootyFitters feel better about themselves. Whether it’s through: Better...

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It’s safe to say, it’s getting colder!

I was all cosied up at home (watching the Apprentice) before our run this evening I couldn’t get warm indoors….. how would I cope outdoors!!!! And yet, literally with 30 seconds of running with BootyFit I’m totally warmed up! I’ve gone from feeling cold and...

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Why NOT to stop exercising through the winter

  Why NOT to stop exercising through the winter Clocks go back 🕰️ Days are shorter Nights are longer Time to hibernate like a little 🐿️🐿️squirrel Cosied up at home snacking on…….just about everything in sight! 🍕🥡🥤 Watching X Factor Box-sets 📺 Lamps on...

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