Results Guaranteed Package

(lose 9-14lbs in your first 21 days or your money back)

Where you’re at

You feel like you’ve tried every diet out there. You lose the weight but once you stop, the pounds slowly creep back on, so you may have become a yo-yo dieter over the years. You want to understand not only how to lose weight but how to make sure it stays off, although you don’t have much free time for you.

You want to feel like you again, lose 9-14lbs and have enough energy to enjoy life, although the solution will need to be quick and easy for you to be able to stick to it. With so much conflicting information out there around what to eat, you feel confused and want something simple to follow where you’re guaranteed to lose weight.

The programme that will suit you best is:

The Results Guaranteed Package will be the best option as it will accelerate your results and it can all be completed in the comfort of your home. We’ll work with you to design your food & exercise plans, but as we understand time is an issue, the recipes will be quick and easy to make and the workouts only 10 – 15 minutes long. This is not an automated programme unlike lots of others out there, which means the BootyFit Trainers will be in contact with you on a daily basis to make sure you’re on track.

It’s literally like having your own Personal Trainer with you 24/7 to ask questions & advice. You’ll also join an online community of other females with the same goals, that help support each other through the process.

It’s a 21 day programme that will guarantee you’ll lose between 9-14lbs, have more energy to do the things you want to do each day, have clearer skin, feel fitter and generally happier. You’ll definitely see quicker results with this package and if you don’t, we offer a full money back guarantee

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