Running Group Watford / Bushey

Where you’re at

You want to join a running group but maybe worried about being left at the back.

Or maybe you’re just nervous about being the ‘newbie’

Whether you’re wanting to learn how to run to complete your first ever 5k, 10k right through to a marathon we can help.

Alternatively, you may currently run but want to join a group to keep you accountable…..we all know how hard it can be just to get out the front door!

Or you go for a run but know if you had someone there to push you, you could do better……slightly faster…..further…..or not stopping to walk when you approach that hill.

Why this programme will work for you:

If you’re just starting out we’ll teach you how to pace yourself and how to breathe correctly so you don’t feel out of breath when you get to the first set of traffic lights!

Alternatively, if you’re an experienced runner that needs motivation to get back into it, we have pacers & moitvators that ensure you’re gradually increasing your speed as your fitness improves.

You’ll get all the motivation you need to fall in love with running from our experienced trainers and welcoming members.

We run on a loop system, which means we all leave together, finish together but all cover different distances depending on your ability and confidence. We have 2 trainers at every session, one leading at the front and one at the back. The lead person will get the front runners to loop to the back at specific points along the route, resulting in everyone re-grouping.

On joining you also get access to a secret members group where you’ll have access to trainers, exercises to do at home, social events and the opportunity to meet up with other like minded females to run in between organised sessions.

We have sessions in Watford (meeting at Garston Medical Centre, Dome Roundabout) or  Bushey (Bushey Sports Club, WD23 2TR). Please see below for our session times.

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