This is Sarah she has 2 children and is currently on maternity leave. While she was breastfeeding she got into the HABIT of eating more CRISPS & CHOCOLATE than she’d like but justified it as she knew she could eat more calories during this time…..although even when she’d stopped breastfeeding the chocolate and crisps didn’t!!

She wanted to join the BootyFit 21 Day Online challenge as she was feeling so TIRED and wanted to have MORE ENERGY so she could be more productive with her days.

However she felt APPREHENSIVE as there were lots of foods she didn’t eat. How would she find time to exercise with 2 children and where would she find the motivation and enthusiasm to stick to it!

She’s currently day 10 into her challenge and is surprised……..she loves the food and has found there are loads of food she does actually like although for some reason thought she didn’t! (She’s even started eating tomoatoes)

She’s feeling really motivated! Her words were…..’taking the photos beforehand were hard but brilliant as it’s really keeping me on track!’

On Monday it was rainy and gloomy outside and she ended up going to Nando’s rather than sticking to the BootyFit recipes……..however we concluded this was a FAR better choice than she may have previously made which would have been reaching for her the chocolate cupboard!

What’s more after the first week she feels MORE ENERGETIC. She suffers from polycystic ovaries which can affect her skin, but says her SKIN is looking much CLEARER. She’s also started walking for the school run…..up a hill, with a buggy and already feels fitter (it’s still hard work but she’s not as breathless) AND…………….even given the fact she’s had Nando’s and cake she still lost 4lbs in the first 7 days!

Massive well done Sarah!