If you want to lose weight and KEEP IT OFF the best way is to speed up your metabolism.

This is something that lots of convential DIETS may not mention, as one sure way to do this is by……..wait for it…….MOVING YOUR BODY!

If you speed up your metabolism it makes putting weight on a harder process and allows you to have a few more ‘treats’ here and there without any weight gain. Why would diet companies want this…..as if you didn’t put weight back on, they may be out¬†of business!

Anyway……I’m digressing (as usual)

This is Jo….she comes to BootyFit and completed the January round of the 21 Day Online Challenge. We completed a Boditrax assesment before and after her challenge to see what changes took place in her body………CHANGES aside from just the weight on the scales.

Her BMI and weight were in a healthy range before she started the challenge so clearly we wouldn’t want any drastic changes.

IN THREE WEEKS she reduced her BODY FAT by 2.2% which is just under 5lbs!!!!!!!!

She also reduced her METABOLIC AGE by 5 years

AND she reduced her VISCERAL FAT (the dangerous hidden fat that everyone talks about) by 8%.

Jo finds it tricky to fit everything in, as she’s a vet and had 3 children…..all with lots of energy!!!!

I personally want to say a massive well done Jo…..you are doing a great job……your example not only inspires lots of our members but I’m sure sets a great example to your boys!