Here’s our team of instructors and volunteers in Watford (minus Emma & Reilly as unfortuantely they were unable to make our monthly meet up)

The reason why they’re part of BootyFit is because they ‘GET IT’

‘IT’ being our mission
Our vision… change lives one female at a time.

It’s about being the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of cliquey!

It’s about creating a group of women that are accepted exactly for who they are.

No better than
No fitter than
No ‘anything’ than

Just accepted for being YOU!

That’s what I LOVE about BootyFit

And it’s the instructors, volunteers & members that have made all of this come together.

Thank you 😘

In the photo from left to right:
Shelley, Kerry, Fran (trying her best to hide… have a very friendly cute face, it shouldn’t be hidden) Siobhan (white vest) Donna, Me (Aislinn) Lynsey & Mags.